Why Pawsitively Kindergarten…

So my passion for teaching started well before stepping into my first classroom.  Like many teachers, as a child I LOVED playing school.  Can’t say my forced participants did, but I found it exciting to teach (even if only to my stuffed animals)!

My senior year of high school, I had no doubts that teaching is what I was destined to do. I can remember being discouraged by so many to look into other career paths.  I remember being told things like “Teachers make no money” – “Teaching is for the those that can’t do anything else” – “Teachers aren’t appreciated”.  And just like that I began to doubt something I had known for most of my life.  I entered college with an “undecided” major, bored by the “crap”tastic courses I chose to “find my adult self”.  After only one semester, I switched into the education career path and never looked back.

5 long years, lots of student loans, many long hours, and two degrees later, I did!!!!!  I was officially a TEACHER.  I received my first job in March before graduating, and I could not wait!  In June, I walked into my very first classroom.  I worked all summer getting it ready.  And I believed that August that this was going to be EASY!!

Boy was I wrong!  I learned right then and there that an easy, normal day would never happen in a classroom.  Jump forward…11 years.  And here I am still managing the daily unexpected struggled and joys that come with being a teacher!

My intent with this blog is simple…..to express all the little things that being a teacher truly means. And hopefully it will encourage, validate, and provide a little humor into what “teaching” really is <3.  Our state is currently facing a detrimental deficit of teachers.  More teachers are leaving the classroom than entering it.  I have personally watched many wonderful teachers walk out and never return.  It is time that we as teachers, build each other up, push for justification in education, and make others see the REAL reasons we teach!!!